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We are getting ready for another great year at St. Luke. We are really excited for the High School group that meets during Sunday School. Things came together really great last year, and there’s a big group of 10th graders that have now completed confirmation.

Our main goals for the class include:

  1. Getting to know each other better and better throughout the year.
  2. Discovering stories of the Bible and how they matter in our lives today.
  3. Finding out ways that we (and other people) live out their faith.

A few ideas are “brewing,” but I really want to hear from YOU! I have been amazed at how smart, talented, funny, and faith-filled the young people of St. Luke are. It is important that all of you are involved in planning this class. Listed below are a few ideas that have come up. I’d love to hear what you think! Do you like all of thiese ideas? Some of them? NONE of them? Do you have any questions? EVEN BETTER: Do YOU have an idea of how we could spend time on Sunday morning that would help us meet the goals above? You can either comment on this page or email me!

IDEA #1 – “ECHO THE STORY” for exploring the Bible together.

There is a great new Youth learning series called Echo the Story. We would not use it every week, probably every 2-3 weeks as we alternate it with other things (like the ideas below) to keep a good variety on Sunday mornings. Here’s a short video that describes how Echo the Story works:

Weeks that we use Echo the Story will begin with a short video that starts with a fun question to discuss followed by a recap of “the story so far.” Here’s a couple samples:

After the video, everyone listens as a story is told. The stories are read in a way that shows how interesting, moving, and fun it is to hear a good story. While the story is read, everyone has a sketch journal to doodle or write in as they listen. Here is what some of the pages in the journals look like. With journals as a tool to help us experience and think about the stories, we are able to discuss how God’s story connects to our own stories and is meaningful in our lives.

IDEA #2 – FAITH STORIES – What following Jesus looks like.

Wouldn’t it be great to hear from some people about how their faith influences the way they live their life? We can devote some of our Sunday mornings to listening to someone tell us their faith story and then discuss with them what their faith looks like as they live it out. What do you think? Are there particular people (youth or adult) that you would like to invite to share their story?


We can also spend some of our Sundays discussing topics that matter in the real world as we try to see ways that our faith can make a difference. It would be really great to get groups of 2 or 3 teens to pick a topic they are interested in leading and come up with a way for the group to learn about it and discuss (perhaps through sharing video clips or telling a story or sharing some information you’ve learned). What do you think? What topics would be great to discuss? Is there a topic you would like to help share with the group?

IDEA #4 – Youth & Adults Together for ANIMATE (Spring 2015)

For the last 2 years, there has been a really great spring adult class called ANIMATE. Using videos, ANIMATE has explored really great topics about Faith, God, and the Bible with help from speakers including Nadia Bolz-Weber and Shane Claiborne. Many times I have thought these would be great discussions to have with youth. I’m wondering what you all would think about spending 7 weeks in the spring in a class that would be about 50/50 youth and adults (of all ages) having these interesting conversations?

Here’s a sample of one of the videos:

So…there’s the ideas that have come up so far! PLEASE SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS AND IDEAS! I can’t wait to see what God does this year! You can share your ideas by replying/commenting below or you can send me an email. THANKS!

#ASP2014 Links

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The first half of the #ASP2014 team gathers to pray before departing.

The first half of the #ASP2014 team gathers to pray before departing.

The #ASP2014 adventure has begun! The first half of the team departed from St. Luke and is on the road toward Appalachia. We are scheduled to arrive at the ASP center in St. Paul (Wise County), Virginia on Sunday afternoon. In order to build a stronger team (and to break up the drive time a little bit), we are spending the weekend at New River’s Edge, a river lodge where we will spend time enjoying the New River and time with each other. Half of the group will arrive there today (Friday, June 27) with the remainder of the group (including myself) joining them on Saturday afternoon.

As this exciting week gets underway, my hope is to share updates, pictures and stories as often as our schedule and access to technology allows. The ASP 2014 Photo Album will be updated as often as possible and posts will be shared at the St. Luke Facebook Page. Please check back often and be sure to share these posts with others…help the #ASP2014 team TELL OUR STORY!



UPDATE: Group 1 has arrived!
Group 1 Settling in for a weekend retreat at New River's Edge!

Group 1 Settling in for a weekend retreat at New River’s Edge!

After about 7 hours on the road, two vans rolled into our weekend retreat site! Group 2 will meet at 6am tomorrow (Saturday) to meet them for a time of retreat, team-building and preparation for our service together.

Group 2 on the road – 6:30am Saturday