Sermon – #FirstWorldProblems

Sermon preached on October 14, 2012 at St. Luke Lutheran Church – Devon, PA Scripture [Lect28b]:  Mark 10:17-31 [audio] click above for audio (includes gospel reading and audio from video clip below) The sermon begins with portions of this recent viral video clip: [youtube] #FIRSTWORLDPROBLEMS First world problems!  Now that’s something I can relate to! If you […]

Recognizing Jesus on the Road

Click to Listen May 8, 2011 sermon by Matt Staniz.  Scripture: Luke 24:13-35.  (May 8, 2011 was the first Sunday after the death of Osama bin Laden was announced) In these 50 days that make up the season of Easter, we continue to gather around the stories of Jesus–after the resurrection–appearing to the disciples. They […]

Show Me Your Scars

Click to Listen  Sermon preached May 1, 2011 at Temple Lutheran Church.  Based on John 20:19-31. Been thinking about scars this week. We all have scars. Every one of us. Every scar brings with it a story, and those stories become a part of who we are. Every single one of us is scarred from […]

Love Wins – Easter 2011

Click to Listen From Easter worship on April 24, 2011.  Includes reading the Easter Gospel with children, a song, and the sermon below. We are among millions of people around the world who got up this morning, at the beginning of this new week, and have gathered together to celebrate that Jesus has risen. Millions […]

Resurrected from the Bed – Lazarus Sunday

Sunday, April 10 was “Lazarus Sunday”, which I spent a significant amount of energy in promoting nationwide with the ONE Campaign.  Our event at Temple Lutheran Church went very well and several members of the congregation added their names to the ONE Campaign’s effort to effectively treat HIV/AIDS through distribution of antiretroviral drugs (ARVs). Below […]