I Wish You A Hopeful Christmas…

Below is a “video Christmas card” from my family to yours this blessed season. Our prayer is that you know peace and joy in ways that inspire you to be courageous and imaginative in the way you love others. The video was shot on our digital camera while in center city Philadelphia. It features Amber […]

Music for the Journey: Bill Mallonee

I’ll take this opportunity to invite everyone (if there’s anyone) reading this to explore the music of an artist that best describes the spirit of “Beyond Capernaum”. Bill Mallonee from Athens, GA, has been writing and recording songs for nearly 20 years now at a rate that is exhausting even to keep up with as […]

Buddy Holly on the road to Emmaus

Sermon – Easter 3A – April 6, 2008 Luke 24:13-25 (Jesus appears on the road to Emmaus) First Communion Sunday at Temple Lutheran Church Last week, Monica & I were invited by friends down to the Media Theatre to watch a live performance of The Buddy Holly Story. It was a wonderful and fun retelling […]