I want to talk about scars. We all have scars. Every one of us. Every scar brings with it a story, and those stories become a part of who we are. Every single one of us is scarred from the moment we are born. Each one of us carries a scar so universal that we […]

Saint Luke receives grant from Lilly Foundation; Pastor Matt Staniz to take sabbatical.

HUGE NEWS…WITH GREAT JOY! I am overwhelmed with gratitude that Saint Luke has received a grant from the Lilly Endowment National Clergy Renewal Program. Read the Press Release here. I begin a 3-month sabbatical on April 27, 2020! In addition to the Clergy Renewal Program, I am truly grateful that Saint Luke is a congregation […]

Final Day in Tanga – Tanzania Trip

PREFACE: A late addition for Monday. On Monday evening, the team was hosted for a light dinner st the home of Mama Monguri (“mama” is a term of respect for an elder woman). She is the leader of the Masamaria (Samaritan) group at Mikanjuni Lutheran Parish, a group for widows that prepared nearly every meal for […]

Monday Construction Day – Tanzania Trip

The travelers spent Monday at Mikanjuni Lutheran Parish. The task for the day was breaking ground for the playground that will serve Saint Luke Mikanjuni Nursery School, the parish, and local children. The day’s task was to remove grass and level off a large plot in front of the school building. Amber Staniz worked with […]

Sunday at Mikanjuni Tanzania Trip

Sunday started early, as worship at Mikanjuni begins at 7:30am. The service was filled with wonderful music from 4 different music teams. The church was full to capacity, approximately 400-500 people. For a portion of the service a chicken stood at the front of the sanctuary after working itself loose from the bag it came […]