Inevitable Struggle, Unvarnished Hope – Bill Mallonee’s “Slow Trauma”

“Trauma” generally centers around moments that shatter reality as we know it. It is an engine that propels medical science, psychology, and disaster response. But what about the in-the-trenches impact of life from day to day or year to year? Such struggle is the stuff of spiritual journey, the stuff of sacrifice, the stuff of […]

10 Unconventional Songs for Holy Week

It’s Holy Week. It’s a time where the story of Jesus invites us to engage with it a little more intentionally. There are many opportunities to experience worship services that are like no others during the year (and often include more focus on the story of Jesus and less focus on preachers). Below is a list […]

Derek Webb – What Matters More?

Derek Webb, a singer-songwriter connected with the Contemporary Christian band Caedmon’s Call has had to resort to distributing his new album, Stockholm Syndrome, directly from his website because his record label found the song “What Matters More?” to be too controversial. I haven’t yet been a listener of Webb’s music (or Caedmon’s Call). Below is […]