Snow Family Christmas Party?

Let’s see if we can get the Snow family together over the holidays!

In order to make this happen, we need help from EVERYONE! We need all households to respond and commit by December 15. If we can’t make it happen this year, we’ll be sure to try again in 2020.

We hope to gather at Nancy’s House in Sarver on Saturday, December 28, 3pm-8pm with food starting at 4pm.

To make it work, each household attending is expected to do these 4 things:

  1. Bring a food item to share.
  2. Bring beverages for your household (bring a cooler of cans or some 2-liters of what you wish to drink).
  3. Sign up to bring one SUPPLIES item.
  4. Sign up for one HELP item (arrive early to set up OR stay at the end to clean up).


We will decide if the party is possible based upon responses by Sunday, December 15.

Please respond today! Please share this page with other members of your branch of the Snow family tree. We hope to see everybody this Christmas.

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