Friday July 7 at ASP Avery County, NC


The final day of work at ASP began with a lot of rain that began during the night. Morning devotions were held indoors, but the forecast promised that the rain would let up early in the day.

Pastor Matt and Luke the Monkey traveled with team Jump in my Jumpsuit today. Their site is in the middle of town, which makes it unique from all of the other sites. Since they are working on a roof, the team was glad to see the rain stop shortly after their arrival, followed by just enough sunshine. After wiping the foam insulation on the roof dry with towels, the team got busy rolling out more roofing material. Other members worked around the edge of the roof attaching termination strip and neatly trimming the edges of the roofing material. The ASP truck came by late morning and we loaded up a large pile of old construction debris to be hauled off, leaving the family with a clean yard at the end of the week. The crew enjoyed lunch with their family including a fun-loving little dog named Wilbur who performed tricks for pieces of peanut butter sandwiches. After lunch, the team divided in half and rotated between covering the roof and work on the ground, which included trimming materials and painting rocks for the family’s garden. By day’s end the team was proud of the work they accomplished and said their farewells to the family they served.

Team Off Tropic did bathroom work beneath the floor to set up the next team for success. They also tackled boxing over an unused door. They also did several small-but-significant jobs that showed their deep commitment to their homeowner’s happiness.

Team Urban Jungle finished the porch gate and spent some great time with their family.

Team Ruffles & Feathers finished subfloor in the bathroom and kitchen and painting in the bedroom and hallway.

Team Nama-Stay the Night built a porch gate and spent some of the day addressing floodwater issues caused by heavy rains.

Friday evenings at ASP center around “share circle” where every person shares their “God moment” from the week. Stories were shared and tears were shed. It was awesome.

Saint Luke hopes to depart at 5:30-6am Saturday. If all goes well, our return ETA will be 3-4pm.

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