Wednesday July 5 – ASP Avery County, NC

Wednesday morning came with a few sprinkles of rain, and everyone was moving a bit slower than on Monday or Tuesday. Nonetheless, everyone was up and ready to go in time for morning devotions. Prospect UMC led a devotion on what they called “Wall Wednesday”, inviting everyone to focus on God’s love and let that show through in how we continue to operate with members of our team, especially as we get tired and face the potential that some projects will present a challenge.

The pastor and the monkey joined team Ruffles and Feathers today. The crew drove about 15 minutes just past Newville to the home of a family with two little boys. As we pulled in we were greeted by 4 very friendly dogs and then met Buddy, a very colorful little bird who loves people. The boys took me to see the hundreds of chickens the family is raising behind the house: from newborn chicks to full-grown roosters and hens. There are also 3 pigs, several rabbits and some pheasants.

The team was ready to spread out and tackle various projects already underway. Philip G. & Gillian H. Removed a toilet and floorbin a bathroom. Andrew L. & Shannon R. cut and installed fiberglass insulation under a bedroom floor. Sam M. went to work in another bedroom taking down a ceiling fan and addressing a holes and damaged spots  in the bedroom and kitchen floors. Jackie B. painted a bedroom alongside the two little boys and their mom, again showing that ASP is a relationship-building ministry with some construction work happening at the same time. Once the 3-year old ran out of interest in painting, his mom helped him warm up to Pastor Matt so she could go back and help paint while they played with 2 Lego men. Pastor Matt remembered how easy it is to make a little boy laugh with silly sound effects…and how much it still works on him at 45! The team worked constantly in 4 different spots in the house. Lunch was enjoyed along with the homeowners at picnic table in the woods. The team put in a full day and by the time they packed up, significant progress was made on insulating and closing holes in the subfloor, the boys’ bedroom had a first coat of paint and baseboards were cut and primed.

Team Jump in my Jumpsuit the day working on the roof. The roofing material is more time-intensive than the insulation, which posed a challenge, but the tram made good progress.

Team Off Tropic finished their flooring and then removed old flooring from a bathroom along with the toilet and vanity. They also decided to go the extra mile for their homeowner by refinishing her porch rocking chairs. Anna D. showed great skill with the table saw.

Team Nama-Stay the Night completed the shower floor and began building an adjacent shelf. The members hanging siding encountered some setbacks, but regrouped and got a good amount finished.

Team Urban Jungle continued on the porch railings installing spindles, added baseboard in the bedroom and continued some flooring.

The evening gathering included a prayer walk that culminated with the volunteers writing messages inside journaling Bibles that will be given to the families whose homes they are working in. Afterwards, everyone went into town for ice cream. Another great day at #ASPAvery!

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