Monday July 3 – ASP Avery County, NC

All the volunteers were excited to start the week as we gathered for morning devotions focused on keeping our eyes on Jesus, even during storms.

Throughout this week, we are asking for donations of any amount to help provide needed materials for our work. To contribute, please visit this link and mention Saint Luke or Pastor Matt Staniz.

The Pastor and the Monkey spent the day with Team Off Tropic (Robby & Katharine Gilbert with Elaine L., Anna D., Emma B., JJ L., Aidan K.). They are working on the home of a 77-year old woman who has battled both bladder cancer and breast cancer and is currently recovering from a surgery two weeks ago. Their work includes installation of flooring, outdoor soffit, wall trim, and painting.

A midday soaking rain brought the group inside for lunch, conversation and project planning. Rain continued into the afternoon, but work continued on the floor preparation until the specifics of the project called for an early end time of 2pm. There was a break in the clouds around 3pm that afforded the team the chance to visit a nearby waterfall.

Team Urban Jungle (Steve B. & Dawn H. with Jack B., PJ H., Molly J., Mary B.) removed a floor from a little girl’s bedroom and are also preparing for some porch work. There were also puppies and kittens to play with!

Team Ruffles & Feathers (Team Ruffles & Feathers: Tom McCown & Jackie Baver with Gillian H., Shannon R., Sam M., Philip G., Andrew L.) are the first team at their site. They removed flooring for much of a modular home. Philip G. also found himself chasing a pig, which was one of many animals living there.

Team Jump in my Jumpsuit (John & Elizabeth Muir with Kaylin B., Emily L., Ian R., Nicholas S., Andrew V.) spent the day installing siding, sometimes in the rain.

Team Nama-Stay the Night: (Gary & Melora Bauman with Kelly B., Katie B., Tyler D., Aidan M.) tore out a bathtub and installed siding. They had very little rain.

During evening gathering we explored the theme “Love in Action”. Many members of the group headed into nearby Newland, NC for our first ice cream outing of the week.

A NOTE ABOUT PICTURES: At present, our connectivity is enough to post but not enough to upload pictures. Should that change, pictures will be available at the Saint Luke Facebook page. Occasional pictures are also showing up at Pastor Matt’s Facebook page.

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