Arrival Day at ASP 2017 – Avery County, NC

The teams met at Saint Luke at 5am to embark on a week of service. The whole group circled up for a time of prayer and then loaded into 5 vans, departing at 5:30am. The drive was smooth and successful, with all the vans arriving safely at Cranberry Middle School in Elk Park, NC between 3-3:30pm (9.5 – 10 hours later).

We set up our sleeping quarters, met the ASP center staff and had our first evening gathering along with groups from 2 other groups (both United Methodist, from Maryland and Georgia). Thanks to the leadership of Gillian H. and Shannon R., Saint Luke had our most elaborate and memorable “group introduction” that included custom t-shirts and a poem that reflected on Saint Luke’s 5 years with ASP. We quickly learned that some of the leaders from Maryland were with us during our very first trip to Hinton, WV in 2013!

After dinner and cleanup chores, a youth and adult from each team set out to see their work sites and meet the families they will serve during the week. The remainder of the group stayed back at the ASP center, which sits atop a scenic foothill and is a quite nice place to live for a week. As the sun begins to set, I can already see friendships growing stronger among our group. It’s going to be a great week. Please pray for us!

Here’s our groups:

Team Jump in my Jumpsuit: John & Elizabeth Muir with Kaylin B., Emily L., Ian R., Nicholas S., Andrew V.
Team Urban Jungle: Steve B. & Dawn H. with Jack B., PJ H., Molly J., Mary B.
Team Nama-Stay the Night: Gary & Melora Bauman with Kelly B., Katie B., Tyler D., Aidan M.
Team Ruffles & Feathers: Tom McCown & Jackie Baver with Gillian  H., Shannon R., Sam M., Philip G., Andrew L.
Team Off Tropic: Robby & Katharine Gilbert with Elaine L., Anna D., Emma B., JJ L., Aidan K.

I plan to be spending 1 work day with each team, unless specifics of a project present another need.

Our days will include: devotions at 7:30am (lead by Saint Luke on Tuesday and Thursday), breakfast, load-up, work sites (9:15-4:30), showers, dinner, chores, evening gathering. Free time 8-10:30pm…rinse and repeat. Fireworks on Tuesday, community picnic on Thursday.

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