Serving Our Country: #ASPWISE Working Hard on July 4th

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Team Simbo gets their first sheet of tin on the roof!
Team Simbo gets their first sheet of tin on the roof!

It’s the Fourth of July and the weather couldn’t have been more beautiful as I set out with Team Simbo for our final day of work on the roof. The temperature was down, humidity was gone. There was a lot of work to be done, but the team was glad to start putting on the tin roofing. Two full sheets of tin were installed along with the end cap. The team cleared a great deal of construction debris that had gathered and also made sure the roof was protected from any rain that might come and ready for next week’s team to succeed.

Team Prince Edward headed to their final work day after a truly amazing Thursday night. They were invited by the family they are helping to come to a holiday celebration in Cleveland, VA. There was Bluegrass and Gospel music being played by local musicians along with fireworks. The best part was that the team members were treated like extended family who just came home: they were taken around and introduced to most everyone in the town. It was Appalachian hospitality at its finest! Today, they were glad to see their kitchen project come to completion. They also forged a strong connection with the family they were helping. Before leaving today, the team was asked to sign their names on an extra floor tile that the family wants to keep in their living room.

Team Agua was excited to see their work come to a satisfying conclusion. The ceiling was finished and the team was able to return the room to the way that the woman they are helping wants it: filled with dolls, bric-a-brac, and meaningful memories from over 92 years. The team shared goodbyes with the woman they helped and it was clear that everyone was changed by the work of this week.

Team Simbo at the end of their work week.
Team Simbo at the end of their work week.

After dinner, the entire ASP center gathered and every individual took a turn sharing their “God moments” or meaningful insights on the week. The discussion took nearly two hours, but everyone was engaged throughout and truly blessed to hear all of the ways that God had been working this week. I was so very impressed and proud of what our youth participants had to share. The adult leaders, too, shared heartfelt reflections on how we were impacted.

As the sun was setting, I gathered the St. Luke team outside and told every single one of them what I think of them. Then we rushed off to enjoy the local fireworks display, a last stop for ice cream and one last hour of games before hitting the air mattresses. Tomorrow morning we drive!

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