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#LukeSawGod at Team Agua's site.
#LukeSawGod at Team Agua’s site.

Day 2 of work (Tuesday) at #ASPWISE began bright and early as St. Luke led everyone in morning devotions. I played the mandolin and Mike S. played the ukulele as we led everyone in singing “I’ll Fly Away” a hymn that resounds with the hearts of many Christians in Appalachia. I then shared the gospel of Luke’s account of Jesus’ first public act, as he read from the scroll of Isaiah about being sent by God to proclaim good news to the poor. After reading, everyone looked at Jesus in silent anticipation until Jesus finally said “Today this scripture has been fulfilled in your hearing.” We reflected on the good news that on “one glad morning” we will indeed “fly away” into the glory of God’s unfolding promises. However, Jesus didn’t come into the world simply to get people to heaven after they die. Jesus came to bring that promise. Jesus taught us to pray “thy kingdom come, they will be done…on earth as it is in heaven.” So on this particular “glad morning” we are not going to wait unit we die to fly away into God’s unfolding promises, we are going to participate in what God is doing by “flying away” to serve the people at our worksites, to indeed bring “good news to the poor.” Eight youth members from St. Luke then joined me in leading the group in prayer for our day of work and ministry.

After breakfast, we loaded our supplies and people and headed out to work. Today I joined Team Agua who were

Team Agua at work.
Team Agua at work.

ready to insulate and drywall the ceiling they prepared yesterday. I was invited in to visit with Lucy, the 92-year old woman whose home we are making repairs to. She is a lovely human being and an appreciative and gracious host to our team. The team’s morning/early afternoon was spent insulating the ceiling and placing a few new studs to prepare to hang the drywall. With temperatures headed into the low 90’s it was a hot muggy day with a good bit of sunshine. Part way through the day, a deer came very near to the house as she walked passed and up the driveway. During lunch, the adults (Dave W. & Kim S.) held the attention of the entire team as they shared the story of Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan. Realizing none of the teens were alive during that time was a bit of an eye-opener! After lunch, the team returned to continue insulating and begin hanging drywall. The first sheet went up nicely with help from the entire team. Another sheet was measured to fit around a light fixture and prepared to hang first thing tomorrow.

Team Simbo faced a challenging hot day on the roof. Mike S. joined the team while I spent the day with Team Agua. The conditions found under the roof yesterday required a lot of hard work replacing rafters and then re-decking the area that was removed and making the area level in order to install a tin roof layer. The team also had a chance to meet some of the neighbors and their children.

Team Prince Edward continued to make good progress on their kitchen floor. The subfloor was completed and started the lauan surface that, once installed, will then be ready for tiling.

The Center Stage Cloggers shared their dancing at Culture Night.
The Center Stage Cloggers shared their dancing at Culture Night.

Tuesday night is Culture Night for ASP participants, and tonight we were truly astonished by the dancing of the Center Stage Cloggers who danced with energy, precision and fun (including 3-year old Abigal!). After an amazing performance, all the kids were invited on stage for a lesson in clogging followed by full-blown dance party.

We ended the night with some down time at the ASP center, including playing some games together as we rest up to continue this week of service.

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