Appalachia Service Project – Final Work Day

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The Final Work Day (Friday, July 5, 2013)

The sky was a little bluer and the sun a little brighter as we started the final work day of our week of service in Hinton, WV. At my sadistic request, the group was awoken to the sounds of Friday by Rebecca Black.


For John M. & I, the day started by delivering drywall and gutters to Team CCL. The team was already hard at work removing the old gutters when we arrived at 9:30. John M. & I then delivered a small amount of supplies and help to the Virginia team where the window was installed the day before.

We were then sent on a special mission to purchase a card for the family Team CCL has been helping. Their daughter is getting married this weekend and the family has been making preparations through the week while also building relationships with our team.


We visited Team NB as they wrapped up their work. Mary’s new bedroom is mostly complete and the second room is well on its way. A large amount of trash has also been removed, which John M. and I transported the last part of to the landfill. We then returned to Team CCL with the wedding card. They finished the gutter replacement and drywall as the afternoon concluded. As they said goodbye, their family gave everyone a handmade cross magnet to take home.

Team NB made a special trip to see the little boy from their family who was at his great grandmother’s home.

After dinner, the St. Luke team gathered for a time of reflection where I shared with them how proud I was of the great week they helped make possible. I shared affirmations of how I saw God at work in each individual member of the team. During the evening gathering, everyone was invited to share a moment from the week that we experienced God’s presence or an example of the “radical reversal” that Jesus calls us to experience and live out.


The youth enjoyed a 20- foot ice cream sundae served in gutters. The St. Luke crew then engaged in an energetic game of Pictionary.

One thought on “Appalachia Service Project – Final Work Day

  1. You all are awesome and inspiring. St. Luke is so proud of you – you should be proud of your team!

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