Appalachia Service Project – Day 5

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Day 5 recap (Thursday, July 4, 2013)


Happy Independence Day! Today in Hinton we continue to experience what makes the idea of America great: people using their freedom to serve others.

John M. & I started the day delivering drywall & insulation to the work site with the cherry trees. We then spent the morning assisting a work team from Virginia as they installed a window. We ate lunch in the truck while driving to meet Team CCL. John M. retrieved some supplies and returned to finish the window project. I stayed with Team CCL who were on the very last parts of the exterior skirting. They also moved indoors where they removed drywall from walls in two bedrooms, insulated the walls and prepared to either reinstall the drywall or install new drywall. They also plan to do some gutter replacement tomorrow.

Team NB painted the room that they have been working on through the week and studded the walls and tiled the floor in the second room. Windows in both rooms continue to be worked on. The team hopes to complete Mary’s bedroom and begin the drywall in the second room. The little boy whose behavior gave the team distress on Monday was not home today. During the evening gathering we reflected on how our assumptions have been challenged during this week. Team NB unanimously admitted that they missed the little boy and that their perception has changed as a relationship has been formed.

An aspect of ASP that we did not realize in advance is that the local centers need to raise funds over the summer to complete the work we are participating in. The staff at our local center is raising funds specifically for the project that Team CCL has been working on. As an affirmation of our belief in this project and our intent to make ASP an ongoing tradition of service for St. Luke, I authorized a contribution of $500 on behalf of St. Luke. If you would like to help us meet this commitment and expand our ongoing participation in ASP, you can send a donation to St. Luke through the mail, Sunday offering, or via PayPal at the St. Luke website. Please designate “ASP” when you give.

As the evening sets in, our whole group is now on our way to Beckley, WV to enjoy ice cream and fireworks together (I’m blogging from the van). Happy Fourth of July! How will you use your freedom?


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