Appalachia Service Project – Day 3

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Day 3 recap (Tuesday, July 2, 2013)

Tattoo Tuesday

Day 3 began just like the day before, to Nickleback (the musical equivalent of fingernails across a blackboard, only less melodic). The crew looked a bit more tired than they did 24 hours earlier, but were now familiar with their projects and eager to start the day. The morning devotion reflected on how we “feed our faith”–during this week of service, but also during the other 51 weeks of the year.

The work teams loaded up and departed after breakfast. John M. & I made a delivery to one of the sites we visited on Monday to begin our day. We were invited to a nice treat of picking cherries fresh off of trees and eating them. We then delivered lumber and insulation to Team CCL. The morning weather was a combination of sunshine and a little bit of light rain (simultaneous).

Under the house.

Team CCL’s project took a different direction today, as their primary task was to install insulation in the crawl space under the house. Unlike Monday, this would require crawling in the mud, confined spaces and dust masks. Using remarkable teamwork, the insulation started going up easier than at first expected. About half of the insulation was installed by lunch when John M. & I departed the site. During the afternoon they tackled many of the hard-to-reach areas and also continued the exterior vinyl skirting.

Team CCL at work.

During the afternoon, we joined Team NB for the first time. Their work is moving along quite nicely and they are feeling notably better than on Monday. They continued drywall finishing in a first basement room and stripped out a second room to prepare for drywalling. As these rooms will become bedrooms for children, it is great to see the work progressing. It was truly joyful to see 8-year old Mary (name changed) as she decided on the paint color for her room.

Kim S. & Mary

The windows to the rooms are also being reframed and repaired/replaced as needed. Outside, the team began digging some trenches that will help redirect rainwater away from the house, which is situated at the bottom of a hill and about 50 yards from the New River.

Equipping for service

Something that has become very clear in these first two days of work is the excellent adult leaders on this trip. Bringing varied skills and personalities, they are working together and are being very intentional in teaching and equipping the youth volunteers.

Our evening tonight includes “culture night” which offers a glimpse into the local community & region. For us, it will be a tour of the Hinton Veterans Museum. We ended the night with a run to the local Dairy Queen.

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