Appalachia Service Project – Day 1

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Day 1 recap (Sunday, June 30, 2013)


As our day of travel from St. Luke Lutheran Church in Devon, PA to Hinton, WV comes to a close, it looks like I may have the ability to share some blog posts about our experience with Appalachia Service Project. Hopefully, I will be able to share updates throughout the week.

Luke is on the road to serve!

The day began at the crack of dawn as the 16 team members and several loving but weary family members met in the St. Luke parking lot at 5:30am. We prayed, said our goodbyes, took a picture and loaded into 2 white vans and a pickup truck. The van I rode in was essentially silent for nearly 3 hours. At 8:45 a bag of candy was circulated and within 10 minutes, the chatter began. One of the youth, Katharine, produced 2 surprisingly good road trip mix CDs which we listened to, including some group head-banging to Bohemian Rhapsody. We stopped for gas and a Sheetz breakfast in Martinsburg, WV. We made a short stretch stop in Virginia and then arrived about 45 minutes ahead of schedule in Summers County, WV. This allowed us to visit a national park welcome center and learn about the New River Gorge and watershed.

At 2pm, we arrived at our home for the week: Summers Middle School. We began setting up our sleeping quarters in the gym, had extensive orientation sessions and then dinner. After dinner, 2 adults and 2 youth visited our work sites to meet the families we will serve this week. The evening was spent relaxing, getting settled, playing cards and walking around Hinton.

We are excited to get up in the morning and begin our work. We have a fantastic group of youth that are getting along wonderfully and are ready to go. The adult team is fantastic, too. Thank you to everyone who has supported this important trip. Please pray for us this week…and stay tuned for more updates!

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