Confirmation Lock-in Makeup Material

For confirmation students that were not able to attend the Lutheran Before it Was Cool lock-in:  you have arrived at the site that will help you explore the retreat theme.   Please download and print the makeup packet worksheets to be completed by the student and returned to the confirmation teachers in order to earn participation points. Hopefully, you will be able to make it to the next retreat and enjoy all of the fun and friendship that cannot be included in the makeup packet!


In order to complete the packet, watch each of the three video clips below.  Each video has a worksheet to be completed in the makeup packet.


The first video is about how and why Martin Luther became a famous figure in history and changed the world forever.  It also describes the amazing beginning of what is now called the Lutheran Church!

The second video describes some of the important and unique things that Martin Luther discovered which help us understand God.

The third video is about what the Lutheran Church looks like today, including both the things that we disagree about along with the things that we have in common.

After you have printed and completed the worksheets, please give them to your confirmation teachers.  If you have any questions about the makeup packet, you can contact Pastor Matt Staniz.