Confirmation – Fall Lock-In (Worship) Review/Makeup Packet

Welcome to the online version of the Fall 2011 Confirmation retreat on the topic of Worship!  This site is for students who missed the retreat and for anyone who would like to review or check out some of what we covered.

Leading us on this journey are our hosts: “Churchgoer” and “Worshiper”.

We meet them first as they prepare for the worship service:

God calls us to worship

  • just as we are
  • together with each other
  • not because we have to, but because God has a gift to share!

REVIEW QUESTION: What do you think the gift is that God has to share with us?

The story continues as we begin with confession…AND FORGIVENESS

We begin worship by confessing our sin

  • We admit that we need God
  • We ask for forgiveness, and God forgives
  • We do this together with each other
  • It’s a time to “search your heart, talk to God, support others”

REVIEW QUESTION: How does confessing your sin and hearing that you are forgiven make you feel?  How does it change the way you see yourself and live?

Now…it time for the sermon!

During worship, we are nourished by God’s Word

  • The sermon is one part of the story…but it’s only ONE part!
  • As we hear God’s word during worship, it changes us
  • As God’s word changes us, it equips us for life

REVIEW QUESTION: What are some places during worship, not including the sermon, that you hear God’s Word?

Now the sermon is over, but there more!

In addition to being nourished by God’s Word, we are also nourished at God’s table.

As we prepare for the meal of Holy Communion:

  • We pray together for the needs in the world, in our community and in each other’s lives.
  • We respond to those needs by giving of ourselves.  We give money, we give food, we give our time, we give ourselves.

REVIEW QUESTION: What are some of the needs you see in the world around you (nearby and faraway)?  What are some examples of ways that you respond?

The worship service comes to an end, but it is really a a beginning:

As the worship service ends, we are sent out with God’s blessing

  • We continue to worship God all week long
  • We gather together to be nourished so that we can change the world

REVIEW QUESTION: How can the way you live all week long different because you come to worship?

Confirmation students that missed the retreat should email their responses to the review questions to Pastor Matt Staniz.

For confirmation ministry leaders: the Fall retreat centered itself around planning a worship service that concluded the retreat.  For additional resources, contact Pastor Matt Staniz!

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