My Family – Monica and Amber

I have been blessed with a remarkable family consisting of my wife Monica and daughter Amber.  Monica and I were married in 1998 and Amber was born in 2002.

As a pastor, I make it a high priority to keep my family more important to me than anything else that I am a part of in ministry.  Healthy ministry needs leaders that do not neglect their central calling to love the people closest to them.  I also find that ministry that truly reflects the joy and love of God sends me home energized to be with the two people I love more than anything.

I am also truly blessed to have a wife and daughter that are genuinely invested in the ministry that God calls me to participate in.  They are connected out of love for me.  More importantly, Monica and Amber also love Jesus and the world that God has placed us in together.  They participate in God’s mission because God has called them in the same way that all followers of Jesus are called.

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