Lazarus Sunday interview with

As excitement is building toward “Lazarus Sunday” on April 10, I had the opportunity to be interviewed for a feature story about the event.  Here’s some excerpts:

On Sunday, hundreds of churches around the country will be screening clips from Bangs’ Lazarus documentary to raise awareness of a medical miracle their congregants can take part in.

The movement is called Lazarus Sunday and is spearheaded by ONE, an advocacy and campaigning group co-founded by Bono that fights against extreme poverty and HIV/AIDS in Africa.

Over 1,500 churches have signed up to participate in the movement this year and show part of the film.

“For a smaller congregation, it’s really nice to be a part of something bigger,” said Matt Staniz, the pastor of Temple Lutheran Church in Havertown, Pennsylvania.  “We’re not a huge group of people but by coming together with people locally and joining up with the ONE campaign…it gives us a sense of being part of something bigger than ourselves.”

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