Time with Senate Candidate Pat Toomey

Pastor Matt Staniz, Pat Toomey

Yesterday, I was glad to have the opportunity to go backstage and speak with Pennsylvania Senate candidate Pat Toomey at a campaign stop near my home in suburban Philadelphia.

I thanked him for taking the time to speak with me about the important issues that ONE hopes will be priorities for Pennsylvania’s next senator. I explained to Mr. Toomey that the people in my church have been actively interested and involved in fighting poverty and preventable diseases and have found ONE to bea valuable partner in our efforts. I expressed my hope that he would continue the strong American leadership that has saved millions of lives in Africa.

Mr. Toomey shared his desire to see affordable treatments reach people with HIV/AIDS, and expressed his support for effective aid. I shared that ONE speaks out for aid that requires accountability, transparency and real results. Mr. Toomey recalled AIDS relief efforts that he supported as a member of the House of Representatives for just those reasons. He also expressed his gratitude to ONE for working hard on behalf of the world’s poorest people.

I want to once again thank Pat Toomey for taking time during the frantic hours leading up to Election Day to speak with me about ONE.

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