Meeting With Congressman Joe Sestak

Rep. Joe Sestak with Pastor Matt & Amber Staniz

As a member of Rep. Joe Sestak’s, congressional district, my daughter and I were able to catch up with him the other day at a local job fair in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania.

I was happy that I had a chance to talk with Sestak, a Pennsylvania Senate candidate, about the important issues that face our country and world.

In my community, I am a pastor — but I am also a dedicated ONE member. And I know that the most extreme forms of poverty — hunger, starvation and pandemic disease — remain a daily reality for millions of people around the world who we may never meet, yet are still our good friends, neighbors and members of faith communities.

As Sestak entered the job fair, he immediately recognized my ONE T-shirt and came over to greet me on his way to the podium. After his remarks to the crowd, I had the opportunity to thank him and encourage him to continue his leadership on behalf of real people struggling to survive, both locally and globally.

I asked him to help continue the life-saving work being done by the Global Fund to eradicate AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis.

As I presented Rep. Sestak with a ONE wristband, I was surprised when he told me that he recently received a ONE T-shirt and was excited about the work we are doing to make poverty history.

As a member of ONE, I would encourage everyone who shares this important mission to take every opportunity to engage all of our candidates and elected leaders.

It is vital that the candidates see ONE members every time they meet with the public. Working together, we can speak out, create change, save lives around the world.

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