Lutheran Youth Organization (LYO) Board Member

I have truly enjoyed serving as an adult advisor/member of the SEPA Synod LYO Board since 2008.  My participation in this board has convinced me that the SEPA Synod is at the forefront of youth ministry within the ELCA.  I have watched board members become young adults that remain active in congregations and synod ministries while younger teens have matured and discovered their own gifts for ministry.  Some of the what I have learned during my time with the LYO Board includes:

  • Young people are passionate about serving Jesus in the real world
  • Teens will thrive when given opportunities to lead and are taken seriously
  • Youth may be “the future of the church”, but they are also the church today!
  • Today’s youth are passionate about showing God’s love in real ways
  • Youth ministry truly thrives when it becomes youth doing minsitry

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