Local Ministry and Collaborations

I believe that congregations are meant to be a vibrant and vital part of their local community.  Even as God calls us to care for people in all parts of the world, we have also been placed in local communities where congregations become a source of life through worship and discipleship.  Local communities also provide a context in which to serve our neighbor and gather as community to continuously expand our mission outward.

As pastor of Temple Lutheran Church in Havertown, PA, I have found local collaborations to be central to our misison:

  • President, Haverford Township Clergy Association (2008-2010)
  • Coordinator, Haverford Township Senior Dine Around (2005-present)
  • Community Advisory Board, Surrey at Havertown Center (Senior Services)
  • Board Member, Haverford Cares Project (response to Hurricane Katrina)
  • Leadership team, Youth Together (youth ministry collaboration)
  • Event sponsor, Kevin Cain Make My Day 5K

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