Music for the Journey: Bill Mallonee

I’ll take this opportunity to invite everyone (if there’s anyone) reading this to explore the music of an artist that best describes the spirit of “Beyond Capernaum”. Bill Mallonee from Athens, GA, has been writing and recording songs for nearly 20 years now at a rate that is exhausting even to keep up with as a listener. These songs are well worth it. They truly take the life of faith beyond familiar and safe confines and place it where it belongs: in the middle of life as we know it. Failure, regret, pain, doubt, mixed seamlessly with love, forgiveness, and hope.

Here’s lyrics his most recent song, When All The Tellin’ Gets Told

when you hope that life wins out over death
sure it is your last prayer, but you ain’t holding your breath
and you hope that goodness gets a chance to shine
and you’re hoping that justice gets a word in edgewise

through all of the storms, and all the bad weather
And all of the “I love you”s…they’re all gone forever
(be)fore it all fades to black…and they turn off the sound
forgive all that I gave up…and all that I let down

‘til the curtain falls…and the credits all roll
the tears they’re all dried…and the wounds are made whole
And all of the tellin’…gets told

Before recording as solo troubadour and touring coffeehouses and living rooms, he was the singer/songwriter for the critically acclaimed band Vigilantes of Love. Paste Magazine has named him one of the 100 greatest living songwriters. If you are new to his music, there’s a lot to explore. I would suggest you begin simply by visiting

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