Pastor, Temple Lutheran Church (2004-2011)

Shortly after graduating from seminary in 2004, I accepted a call to serve as pastor of Temple Lutheran Church in Havertown, PA.  I am very excited about being a part of a small but vibrant and compassionate congregation.

As the only pastor, I am connected to all parts of the ministry of the congregation.  At the same time, I continue to strive to enable volunteer leaders and help people discover the areas of ministry that they are passionate about.

I have been greatly encouraged by the congregation’s deep love for one another and warmth toward new faces that visit for worship.  I also remain amazed at the amount of service that is accomplished by a relatively small congregation.  Examples include participation in a soup kitchen and food cupboard ministry, Habitat for Humanity, World Hunger projects, local foundations, blood drives, and many other acts of compassion.

I have also been glad to be a part of the congregation’s efforts during multiple renovation projects to our 90-year old church building, important discernment and changes in our worship life, staff transitions, and challenging financial circumstances.  Congregation leaders have become increasingly visionary and effective from year to year.

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