Welcome to PastorMattStaniz.net

My name is Matt Staniz, I am a rostered leader in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America currently serving as pastor of Saint Luke Evangelical Lutheran Church in Devon, Pennsylvania.

I am excited to be a part of God’s mission in the 21st century world.  I remain confident that God is moving and present in our world today and wants every one of us to be a part of creating a new reality that is shaped by grace and love.

My passions as a co-worker in God’s mission include

  • proclaiming grace through preaching
  • striving for justice through advocacy
  • nurturing faith in the lives of youth, their families, and the communities they belong to
  • showing God’s love and continuing the mission of Jesus by actively serving others
  • living out faith in a way that is meaningful and relevant today
  • seeking God’s presence in places outside of where we expect to find it